The VRPlants Makers' Asset Pack

Animated Image of The VRPlants Botanical Model Builder
A 3D model of florida maple seed available in the VRPlants Makers' Pack
The Cover Image for 'Sounds for VRPlants' by MTR Magic Key

The VRPlants Makers’ pack is a collection of 3D models, audio files, designers’ tools, and other digital assets made available specifically for utilization by educators and creatives.

This collection includes:

-Several 3D scanned botanical specimens that have been optimized for use in real-time applications

-Instrumental audio files composed for VRPlants projects

-An intuitive ‘botanical model builder’ project template for Blender (as well as several dozen example exports)

-Models of botanical specimens that can be easily 3D printed

-Source code for Ram’s Horn, VRPlants’ webXR teaching game developed with AFrame



Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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