Plant Anatomy webXR Dissections

To support students of Plant Biology 250 at North Carolina State University, VRPlants has developed several virtual ‘dissection’ experiential plant anatomy lessons in a fully web-native 3D format. These modules are meant as an introduction to (or review of) introductory elements of plant anatomy as a student may discern them within a laboratory instruction session- all made available to students within their preferred web browser on a personal or shared device.

All of the modules on this page are available for use under a CCBY 4.0 license and are free for instructors, students, enthusiasts, web developers, and anyone else to re-use, remix, and even redistribute with appropriate attribution.  This work was supported via a DELTA Exploratory grant and with the collaboration of several DELTA collaborators including Cathi Dunnagan, Stephen Waddell, Rich Gurnsey, and Mike Cuales.

The Dayflower module is shown with the user examining a petal
The dissection module dealing with defensive adaptations to form in various plants.
The title card for the defensive structures dissection module
The Lily dissection module is shown. A tepal is being examined.
Title Card reads 'Exploring Flowers: Radial Flowers'
This still of the hibiscus module showcases the billboard fullscreen feature that makes text more reliably legible on all devices
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